The Voids _ The Thoughts _ The Fluids _ The Love II Poetry


Your fingerprints

_They unfold


Someone’s gonna write about it

_I will.

From The Love 2020.


Don’t talk.

We will never Be.

_But we Are.

Our fluidity.

You inspire me.

Pieces of my soul.

Eat it.

Here I am.

Our spaces unfold

_You stay.

From the Fluids 2020.

_VOID #4

Birds cry,

Waves crash,

Sun burns, the stars align.

Then… Nothing.

_Black arises.

My hands burn.

A Sliding door,

_Buried thoughts.

From the Voids 2019.

_VOID #9

Can I create something that will outlast me.

From the Voids 2020.

_VOID #12

Escorting these creatures

_Out from their state of disembodiment

And invisibility.

From the Voids 2020.


Clarity Arises

Love will follow

From The Love 2020.


Substantial character

_its sensible embodiment


It resonates


_Clarity Arises

From the Fluids 2020.


Lying lies

_Clarity Arises.


From the Thoughts 2020.


Black arose.

My shadows through your light,

Our shadows,

_Bridging thoughts.

You see me.

_I saw you.

Ashes of Brain.

From the Thoughts 2020.

_TIME #0



In Love

What the dark is to the light.

It offers tension

And deepness,

Absolute brightness,

Beautiful fear flakes,

_Contrasting darkness

By uplighting

Shimmering spaces.

Then you appraise the beautiful landscape

And expect

_The Silence to be back.

No solace.

From The Voids 2020.


A Sudden Alchemy

Bridging thoughts

Black arises

Light Explodes.

Ashes of Brain.

From the Fluids 2020.

_VOID #5

The Void surrounds

And delicately touches you,

_Tenderly, softly

There will always remain something

That needs to be accomplished.

The Invisibles are felt,

_The invisibles.

Lost in the realms

Of the unseen,

We ignore,

They govern,

We fall.


A tangible cell

_From the infinite

_Of the Nothingness.

I find

_A move of the Divine.

From The Voids 2020.


L’Amour au noir.

Quelque chose se tait pour mieux se dire.

L’absence est aux origines de la peinture, il y a ton exil.

Qui te fait exister sur la toile

Et qui empreinte des pigments bruts et essentiels.

Retour au point de départ nécessaire,

Celui qui jamais n’aura mieux porté son nom.

_Ton départ est un commencement.

Une histoire de croyance. Une histoire de silence.

A laquelle je crois. Pour laquelle je me tais.

Ma solitude te fait vivre intense, te couche nu,

Te touche réel, en ton non-lieu, tu habites.

_Tu es ma mimesis. 

Le contour de ta silhouette disparue n’est pas linéaire,

Il épouse toutes tes existences, tous ceux et ce que tu es.

Il les circonscrit en épaisseurs, densité, textures, reflets.

_Le vide ne l’est pas.

Tu y règnes en échos de matière.

Ton contour vivant, arborescent, labyrinthique,

Offre au noir ses reflets,

Et au sentiment des brillances mat.

_Et mon noir redevient essence

Et mystère de la toile blanche.

Ecrit par Marie Arquié pour la série «  _Silence » de Agathe Toman


A fracture scarcely exists.

You dive within.

I am shivering with your cold.

Love I visualized,

_Black arose.

My shadows

Through your light,

Our shadows.

Bridging thoughts.

_You see me.

I See you.

Ashes of Brain

From the Fluids 2020.


Moves of the Divine.

The Void is a movement.

The moves of the Divine.

Feeling the emptiness.

See it.

See You.

Leaving your own agony. 

It comes darkly and softly.

Blowing away all thoughts.

The void bridges.

Your rivers,

Finally lead you to salvation.

Fears appear.

Capture it,

Useless shelter

Creation of thoughts,

Existence in the fog.

Leave it,

The void stays still,

Your mind’s quiet.

The whole process of nothingness,


It guides you,

To your inner God,

Hidden in your cells, your cells are God,

You are God.

God is You.

From the Voids 2020

_VOID #7

Finally perceiving my seasons.


In between a full saturation of nothingness,

A divine emptiness.

Thoughts are falling down,

Clarity arises.

Don’t touch me.

From the Voids 2020.

_LOVE #01

Buried Trust

Your Reality

A swallowed truth

Eat it

The faintest hint

_Of Love

You kill it

Ashes of Brain.


From The Love 2020.

_VOID #13

Trouver la rupture.

From the Voids 2020.



Violently sleeping

_Clarity Arises

From the Thoughts 2020.


_You escorted

My umbra

_To a darker place.

I see You.

Striving to make

_You see.

A divine Emptiness

We speak.

Unified lights

It resonates



We Love.

From the Thoughts 2020.


Explored what connect


_Begin the End.


Watch me.

From the Thoughts 2020.

_The Love #02

I see a darkness

In your face.

_A Windy kiss

Grab it

A lost dove.

Our Mountains.

We embrace.

From The Love 2020




From the Thoughts 2020




Of these weeks spent Silent


A shattered Voice,

Arising is a new Symphony.

I created its notes.


Your sound senses are fragile,

Now See.

From the Thoughts 2020 & The Love 2020

_The Love #04 


_You say


Impassable mountains 

Blinding Clouds

_Oceans of violence.

_Upraising the landscapes

You wish 

_You were the Wind.

You surrender.

_I thought 

You would throw yourself 

Into the current.

I thought_

Everything you saw.


You would Love.

From The Love 2020.


_THINK #11

One side is harmony

This other one

You wanna stay Alive_


Distant Fantasies.

_I create.


You’ll realize. 

I thought 

_All the way

To the End.

From The Thoughts 2020.