High jewelry ring created with the artisan jeweler Samuel Huguenin.

This is its story.

« I always say that I create, draw and paint the same way a musician will compose and write his new symphony.

Creating a Ring represents a variation within the music score, a shift in the rhythm, in the height, introduced by a mutated scale and the use of a brand new medium.

It is a jewel imagined and composed like a sculpture. Beyond the bounds of the ring as an object, I thought of a miniature artwork which could be worn. This hybrid creation embodies the development of an undiscovered path within my language of creation.

To my view this jewel has the timelessness aesthetic I feel with my ‘Blacks’. Therefore, I transpose in this unique miniature piece, the refined essentials of my artist’s work. The design of the ring borrows the geometric accuracy of the Bic lines which inhabit my drawings. The rock wears her inherent patterns and echo to the abstract and instinct of my paintings.

The Schiste is a laminated mineral, composed of multiple layers. These layers pile up in order to create a rock which is very flexible and also compact and strong. Talking about the Pyrite appearing in the Schiste, fire is the essence of this rock. Magnetic, the Pyrite is also known for stimulating creativity. The choice of this rock may have been unconscious at the beginning, then poetry and depth of its symbolic have revealed the evidence.

I choose to invest a ring rather than any other jewel for its symbolic richness and its freedom of interpretation. Whichever finger we choose to wear it, the meaning of the ring will change. The owner will possess and watch it, he will finalize owning the miniature artwork by choosing its place on his hand, giving it a new symbol of its own.

Furthermore, a ring, once adopted, merges itself with the hand, reveals the hand, dresses it up and changes its gesture, which we see becoming instinctive, distracted, unconscious. Nevertheless, this new gesture often guides the focus, the daydream and the thought. The hand is also the tool to my imagination. The ring imposes itself as the necessary ornament.

The poetry is also a drawing where the words are listened or watched as much as they are read. On this ring, they are offered to be touched as well, they reveal themselves beneath the fingers. Choosing these engraved words, implies a dialogue with the one who is reading, feeling and wearing. The ring becomes a collaborative piece of art where the spectator invests my words with his own feelings and experiences. Beyond the union and the engagement often symbolized by the ring, it is an aesthetic communion that I offer. »

Agathe Toman.

Artwork by: Agathe Toman


Drawings, Paintings, Commissioned