_BLEUE #001 _Bleue Monochrome

_BLEUE #001 _Bleue Monochrome

Pure black & Blue pigments, Acrylic paints & charcoal on paper.

Oak tree frame natural color, black background.

70 x 100 cm.

Unique Piece.



_BLEUE #001/

‘_ The Bird #00’ –  

_The Bird.

We imagined 

Listen, we created it.


 _He sings. 

In Silence.

Love still is and still does love


I see you in every Bird. 

God, there’s too many of them…

The beauty that is of earth,

and do not shun.

_Love still is and still does Love. 

Close Your Eyes. 

You’ll Wake up. 

In Silence

We talk.

Some Where(s)

A United Common.

_I always thought it was Beautiful.

We Are. Beautiful.

Not seeming, but Being.

_From _The Bird, 2021.

Artwork by: Agathe Toman