To The MOON And Back

To The MOON And Back

My main goal for this exhibition, only my second in solo but the biggest, after the one in paris last December, was to gather in one place all my works done so far, around 36 pieces. So the trickiest thing was to find the best and the most adapted one to create a beautiful consistency between the environnement and my arts.
I found the gallery/concept store Surfin Estate in Hossegor which is a beautiful place where made in France clothes cohabit with art books, skateboards, amazing surf boards and many other treasures.
The design and the lay out of the furnitures, shelves are simply amazing. I love the way how the wood coexist with the metal, the books with the surfboards, and the coffee with the tea.

The title To The M O O N And Back comes from the French expression “I love you to the moon and back”, but in a less literal way. It’s about feelings, the ones that change your life and yourself – positively or negatively. Those feelings that affect the rest of your existence, the events of the most extreme manner that occur in your life. Each of my illustrations or canvasses represent one thing that changed my life in a way, for good or for ill.”

I have branched out, using my signature style to create more abstract paintings on a range of mediums, from decks to huge canvases. Designing the cover art for French singer and composer Guillaume Grand’s latest album cover, allowed my style to evolve, with a ripped-apart/glitch effect. I began to draw my “glitch moons” right after I finished his cover.
I’ve had an obsession with the moon for a long time, drawing them is a poetic reflection of myself, but I’ve never represented it in this way before.

Photo Credits:

Bastien Bonnarme, Liora Basse, Alexandre Lesbats


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