This Is A Story About Chaos, Going Around In Circles And Falling Apart

This Is A Story About Chaos, Going Around In Circles And Falling Apart

“It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world” Chaos Theory.

I have been created 32 new pieces for this exhibition. The space was small, only 3 walls, very narrow,  compared to the areas i’ve been asked to occupied in the past. So for the first time I began to work on small formats challenging myself and my brain, trying to offer as much feelings on a small piece of paper as on a huge canvas.

The title of my exhibition kind of speaks to itself.

This was about the chaos of our lives, those small choices we make that built who we are and who we decide to be as a human being. Mistakes we keep making and repeating which bring us on a circle that we’d be able to stop only if we take the time to step back and take stock. Easy to say, sometimes very hard to do : To confront yourself to yourself.

Otherwise we fall apart. Just like the waves, endlessly born and faded away.

For each illustration, skateboard or painting I created for this show, I have been working deeper as ever on the titles I associated to them. There is a real connection between poetry, words & art to me and I want to keep digging those links and creating new ones.


Below is the video Quiksilver made about me working in my atelier, with a timelapse part that goes all along of the drawing “Falling In Love,You Jus Fall III”


To The MOON And Back


UnderCover Skies X Céline Hamelin