Agathe Toman’s world is mostly black and white, sometimes flirting in white and gold. Her dreamlike drawings are made of biro pen and acrylic. Spread her imagination on paper, canvas, skateboards, surfboards and walls, they are a link between reality and fantasy. She talks about fear, love, anger, pain, death, joy; all these emotions contributed to the stages of her life’s path so far.

She works relentlessly with impressive details, making all her drawings and paintings realistically alive within a surrealist and black universe. Black enables contrast: light and dark with no mistakes allowed. Spreading feelings and emotions with each stroke, whether abstract or figurative, leaves no one indifferent.

Although there is always a specific meaning and pattern in her art, she does not offer many clues, instead leaving viewers to interpret the works according to their own conscious and unconscious perspectives. “It’s about feelings, the ones that change your life and yourself – positively or negatively. Those feelings that affect the rest of your existence, the events of the most extreme manner that occur in your life. Each of my drawings or canvasses represent one thing that changed my life in a way, for good or for ill.”
From Huck Magazine, April 2016.

As far as she can remember, Agathe drew and painted constantly while being brilliant at school.

After watching John Galliano’s fashion show for Dior at age nine, she decided Fashion would be the perfect outlet for her creativity, she was just a child however, at seventeen years old, she entered the prestigious french Parisian fashion school l’Ecole de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne”. After graduating she worked for luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Yoji Yamamoto.

Young and bold enough to explore, she decided to move to Biarritz  and get back to her first love drawing and painting, as a full time career.

Agathe Toman - Painter and illustrator - Portrait photo